A College Campus Session

I walked away from this session with the biggest smile. Meagan and Blake are so kind it radiates joy into your day. These two are graduating in May and plan to get married in 2020!! Blake proposed in the Bahamas while on a cruise celebrating their anniversary! How perfect?! If anyone ever needs an assistant, Blake is the greatest reflector and bag holder, as well as tree shaker. 10/10 would recommend having a Blake at every session! The lighting was PERFECT for this college campus session.

We walked around campus and went to the building that Meagan had most of her classes in for her major. This added a personal touch to the gallery! One of my favorite shots was of her class ring and engagement ring in front of the administration building on campus!

Meagan and Blake, it was so great to meet you! I can’t wait to see where you two end up!!

Meagan’s engagement ring and class ring in front of the iconic building at Roanoke College!!

Meagan, you are gorgeous!!

Ahh!! Love the light here! College campus sessions are so pretty!

Another one of my favorites! These two are so so so cute.

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