A Creative Session Location

When Alexa inquired about doing her college graduation session on campus and a second location I was excited to switch things up! Alexa mentioned she wanted somewhere more rural so I suggested Green Hill Park in Salem, Virginia which wasn’t too far from Roanoke College. I love photographing sessions in different locations because it allows me to be more creative. Creative sessions bring me tons of joy!

During this session, I really channeled my inner creativity and thought outside of the box. If you keep scrolling you’ll see that we found a GORGEOUS row of white blossoming trees that I have been eyeing for the last week or two. I’ve always wanted to take pictures under the trees but… it was in a PARKING LOT. I was SO determined though to somehow make it work. Thank you, Alexa, for trusting me!!! You probably thought I was CRAZY when I told you we were going to take pictures in a parking lot.

We made it work!! These images were STUNNING and some of my favorites ever. One day I will show you the behind the scenes photos of my assistant holding a branch as foreground so I could block out the ROWS of cars! It was quite a sight to see… Not going to lie, I am amazed that I could pull this off haha.

Scroll to enjoy a stunning graduation session. Spoiler alert: a “giant confetti blaster”, some champagne poppin’, and lots of portraits by a creek!

CAN YOU TELL THIS WAS IN A PARKING LOT?! Ahh!! I am OBSESSED. Imagine me screaming this at you unable to contain my excitement and love for Alexa and these images.

Photographing under trees in a parking lot. Using confetti in a graduation session. A picture taken in a parking lot but you would never know.

I highly recommend this confetti blaster (it’s under $8!!!!!!!)

Graduation session with confetti.

A creative session location- tress in a parking lot.

These were taken at Green Hill Park!

Absolutely breathtaking.

Yes!!! We were cracking up the whole time!!! I think I finally mastered the art of champagne poppin’!

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