Daleville, VA Senior Session

I love exploring new places and I am glad Juliet suggested Daleville, VA. Until this session, I had only ventured out to Daleville once for dinner! It was a gorgeous day with the perfect amount of clouds for lighting. Juliet was seriously AMAZING. We walked along the prettiest trail with a lake. We went to the shoreline to take pictures. Juliet told me she wanted to take some pictures IN the water. AHH! Every photographer’s dream!!!

Afterward, we drove just a little bit down the road and came across this BEAUTIFUL field during sunset. Shoutout to Juliet for not only taking pictures in muddy water but ALSO an itchy prickly field… You are the best Juliet! Thank you for introducing me to Daleville’s beauty!

SO gorgeous… that sunset!!! WOW JULIET!

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