Early Morning Graduation Session

I am always grateful when someone wakes up extra early to do a session with me. I understand that as a college student sleep is rare and much needed! Brooke rocked her morning session graduation session. Morning sessions have so many perks like softer light and NO ONE is around. Sometimes posing in front of people walking by can feel a little awkward… so if that’s a worry for you then I highly recommend mornings.

Brooke has AMAZING plans after graduation. She’s heading abroad in the fall for three months to teach English. How cool is that? Brooke and I spoke about her experience abroad in Spain last spring. That’s one of the great things about Roanoke College, there are SO many amazing opportunities to travel. I think I will always regret not going abroad during my college years! I love to travel but could never work up the guts to be gone for that long.

Brooke was the FIRST person to inquire with me about graduation sessions. It meant a lot to me that someone was thinking about hiring me months before their graduation date. I really love getting to meet so many seniors and here about their experiences in college and plans for the future. Brooke has such a sweet soul and was incredibly fun to take pictures of. If you’ve had a session with me, you know that I get tongue-tied. During Brooke’s session, I especially kept saying the wrong words but it gave us a good laugh. I think I just get so excited during graduation session that my brain goes A MILLION miles an hour and the words just come at all jumbled…

ANYWAYS… here’s Brooke’s BEAUTIFUL session. Thank you Brooke!!!

One of my absolute favorites!

That morning glow… W O W


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