2020- the year of intimate Virginia weddings. Jia and Shawn tied the knot on Saturday in Warrenton, VA surrounded by their immediate family. Their ceremony is the epitome of sweet and simple. All that mattered was they were in love and ready for the next chapter in their love story. It was perfect!

It was a laid back morning with Jia getting ready with her sisters by her side. I loved the relaxed environment that intimate weddings have.

Witnessing and capturing two kind souls getting married is always special, especially when it’s just family in the room. There’s something extra magical about a small ceremony. I loved the personal vows Shawn and Jia shared. Shawn promised to never take Jia’s chocolate chip cookies which sounds like the best husband ever to me! I think everyone would agree that they are perfect for each other!

Bride getting ready for wedding and putting on shoes. Bride getting ready and putting on earrings. Bride smiling for bridal portraits in Warrenton, VA.

A beaming groom!!! Capturing the groom’s reaction when the bride walks down the aisle will always be one of my top favorite moments to capture.

Grooms reaction to bride walking down the aisle Bride and groom sharing vows during wedding in Virginia. Bride and groom sharing vows during wedding in Virginia. Black and white photos.

WAHOO!!! Married!!!!

Candid bride and groom photos in Warrenton, Virginia.

Bride and groom portraits in Warrenton, Virginia.

The streets of Downtown Warrenton were picturesque! After the ceremony and family formals, we took 10 minutes of portraits and it was perfect!

Bride and groom portraits taken at Virginia wedding. bride and groom portraits in streets of downtown Warrenton. Black and white bride and groom portraits. Groom twirling bride after Virginia wedding. Bride and groom portraits taken in Downtown Warrenton. Summer bride and groom portraits in Virginia.

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