Emily’s Graduation Session with Confetti

Every year I do a giveaway for a graduation session for seniors at Roanoke College. This year I had hundreds of entries so I decided to pick two winners!! Emily was one of them! If you haven’t met Emily you should know she’s one of the sweetest people EVER. We had tons of fun walking campus and dodging the wind. I couldn’t find my bobby pins but thankfully Emily found some in her car. Phew!!! Note to self: always keep bobby pins in your camera bag!

We found a couple bushes that are starting to bloom which added a nice pop of color. I am so happy to finally see some color and greens on campus! Spring graduation sessions are so beautiful. Not that winter sessions aren’t, but I love the way flowers look in the foreground and background of photos. Emily brought this “champagne” bottle for her graduation session that popped out confetti!!! SO MUCH FUN! It was a little windy so it blew everywhere… OOPS! Now the campus looks extra festive, haha.

I love the yellow!!!!

Peep… The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom!


You can see the wind taking all of the confetti!

Yay!!! Another amazing Roanoke College graduation session! Can’t wait for more spring graduation sessions!

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