Virginia Spring Senior Session

Golden hour is a photographer’s best friend… and timeless photos are yours. Right?

How often do you graduate from college or high school? How often do you get married to the love of your life? How often do YOU get professional timeless photos taken of yourself to document that moment in time… Seriously, think about it! These moments happen ONCE. Don’t you want to remember it? This is a photographer’s GREATEST joy. We get to capture these monumental moments in your life that you can remember in 5, 10… 50 years. This is why I create timeless photos that you can still enjoy in many many years. Trends come in and out but timeless photos are forever elegant.

This Virginia senior session was so incredibly fun and beautiful. Kellie was so sweet. I was asking her different questions and she said: “I don’t care, just work your magic!”. Knowing that my clients TRUST me makes me feel so happy. Every session I tell my clients to just show up with a smile and confidence, I will handle the rest! I get what it’s like to be in front of the camera AND NEVER KNOW WHAT TO DO. I freeze up! This is why I pose my clients in ways that make them feel comfortable and beautiful. Isn’t that what you want?

Kellie’s spring senior session kept me smiling from ear to ear! I had a ton of fun walking around getting to talk with Kellie. We made it rain spring blooms (yep, that happened!), popped champagne, and she WORKED the camera.

Kellie, I wish you the best last couple of weeks in college!!!

One of my favorite champagne popping photos!!

I mean… wow Kellie!!!

It’s raining blooms!!!!!

Kellie’s smile is seriously so contagious

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