Traveling to Utah

I am excited to share with you some of Utah’s beauty!! This was one of my favorite vacations to date. I spent the week with my family exploring different National Parks and State Parks. One week later and my body is still exhausted from all of the hiking we did. Our home base was Park City where one of our relatives live. We traveled to Mirror Lake, Snowbird, Bryce, and Zion which made for a full five days of adventure.

I tried my best to narrow down this blog to my top 100 favorites images! Enjoy…


Day 1:  We started off the day hiking and ended the day hiking. Can you believe that this beautiful image below is BEHIND the neighborhood we stayed in?! I would love to just be able to walk out my back porch to see this view.

In between hikes, we went to a show at the Olympic Park in Park City where athletes train. We to a show to see the “Flying Aces”. These KIDS (I believe the youngest was 8) ski down the slides into the pool! How cool is that?!

Day 2: My mom had planned for us to visit a State Park called Mirror Lake. Mirror Lake is known for its beautiful reflections (hence the name). Along the way, we stopped off at a couple overlooks. The one image below is from one of my favorite overlooks! The pictures truly don’t give it justice. It was breathtaking! There was even SNOW left that my sisters enjoyed making snowballs with. Mirror Lake was phenomenal. The only downside was lots of mosquitoes. After Mirror Lake, we hiked up Bald Mountain which was over 10,000ft. We were trying to reach the top but guess what we ran into… SNOW BLOCKING THE PATH. Snow in July is definitely not something you see on the East Coast!

That’s Bald Mountain!

Day 3: As you may know, my family is into skiing. In the spring, I was also in Park City, Utah to go skiing at the local resorts. This trip, we visited a different ski resort called Snowbird. During the summer, there are a bunch of different activities you can do besides hiking. We went on a rollercoaster, tobogganing, and bungee jumping (just a little 30 feet drop, nothing serious). The tram is also open and we took it to the top of the mountain! While at Snowbird, I didn’t spend much time taking pictures.

Day 4: Now for my favorite day. Bryce Canyons. These images don’t compare to seeing it in person. Bryce truly makes you speechless. The red rocks, hoodoos (the weird tower looking thingys), and the canyon was nothing like I have ever seen before! We saw the canyon by horseback for 3 hours. If you ever have the chance to go, I HIGHLY recommend doing the horseback tour! Before I got to Bryce, I felt uneasy about horseback riding in a canyon because not only do I have a fear of heights but also horses haha! When we first started, it was thundering and on and off rain. Thankfully it just landed 20 minutes. In the end, everything was fine! The dark clouds contrasted beautifully against the red rocks. After horseback riding we stopped off at a trail on the way to our hotel called “Mossy Cave”. To our surprise, along the trail, there was the most BEAUTIFUL waterfall.

Pictures from the trail that we stopped at!

Day 5: We saw the sunrise at Bryce before heading to Zion. When we arrived at Zion, we were told that The Narrows had the chance of being dangerous due to flash floods. My family and I decided that we would walk the trail that leads up to the river and then turn around and didn’t rent hiking sticks and brought our cameras. When we go to the river, there were many people hiking it so we decided to give it a try. We weren’t quite prepared to walk through the knee (sometimes waist) deep water. I was nervous that my camera was going to get wet and it was hard to gauge how deep the water was without the hiking sticks many rented. BUT, we did most of it and it was a blast!!!

Totally in my element here…

This is at Zion!

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