Printing Your Photos 101

The other day I asked y’all on my Instagram stories for some quick help by answering a couple polls on my Instagram. You all came through!!! Thank you!!!!!

Which leads me to my blog post… PRINTING YOUR PHOTOS 101!!

Alright so to start, SOOO many of you answered that you print your photos at convenience stores like CVS, Walmart, Target, etc. Do you know that they don’t always color correct their photos??


Ummm Ashley… what is color correcting? In simple terms, a printer should be calibrated to match the colors of your monitor (computer screen). This is so that the hues, saturation, etc. MATCH the colors on your computer screen. I am no tech wizard when it comes to fully understanding or explaining calibration, but the gist is that NOT ALL PRINTERS are calibrated correctly.

Have you ever noticed that when you print at places like CVS, Walmart, or Target the photo doesn’t look the same as it does on your phone or computer? Yeah… that’s because the printer isn’t calibrated like a professional printer.

Here me out… if you’re spending hundreds of dollars for your professional photos it’s WORTH IT to spend a couple extra dollars for the image to look TRUE to its colors (make the most out of what you paid for?!). And if you haven’t printed off your photos, DO IT!!! Trust me, seeing your favorite pictures on your wall and not on your screen is such a great feeling!!!

And this leads me to my next topic…

WAHOO!! All of you AE Seniors and AE Brides & Grooms have an UPDATED feature on your gallery!!!!

*drum roll please*

You can print your photos DIRECTLY from your Cloudspot gallery!!!!!

I will walk you through all of the steps using Molly and Tay’s gallery!

Step 1: Open your gallery 😉

Showcasing Cloudspot gallery

Step 2: Scroll through your gallery! At the top, you can see your different categories!!

Showcasing Cloudspot gallery

Step 3: you can hover over an image OR click the image and you’ll see “Buy”.

Showcasing Cloudspot gallery

Showcasing Cloudspot gallery

Step 4: Choose if you want to print or buy a product.

Printing is for a picture that will go in a frame. Select your size and paper type.

Two different types of paper:

Deep Matte– “True non-reflective matte paper great for skin tones, soft images, and black & whites”

Lustre (most popular & my personal favorite)– “Semi-glossy with true to life skin tones and vibrant colors”

Product is where you can purchase a beautiful canvas! This called the “Gallery Wrap”. This canvas option has a slightly reflective finish and is tightly woven so that it matches the texture of an artistic canvas.

Step 5: Make sure you save the crop!

Showcasing Cloudspot gallery

Step 6: After filling out all of your information and head to checkout…you land to this page. Double-check all of your information, add your payment info, and add any discounts (join my mailing list and you’ll always know when I am having sales)! Then place your order!!!

Showcasing Cloudspot gallery


And there you have it! Printing your photos directly from your gallery! If you’re having problems or have questions, you know that you can email me anytime!!!! ☺️

To always know when I am having sales and exclusive offers, you can sign up for my newsletter HERE.


Thank you!!! Happy printing 🙂




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