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Graphic for header. Free wedding template.

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You spend months (maybe even up to a year) working with your wedding planner to curate the perfect details. You have the best florals, beautiful centerpieces and tablescapes, your invitations match perfectly with your wedding colors… But your timeline doesn’t allow your photographer to photograph these special details 😰 YIKES. There’s also a FREE template at the end of this blog post!

Wedding Timeline… You’re Forgetting This Detail!

Graphic for sweet moments to include in your wedding day.

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This is for any hopeless romantic bride looking forward to having the emotional moments captured! Girl, I am such a hopeless romantic and have an eye for catching all of those extra special moments. Over the last three years I’ve noted what little moments are so special to include in your wedding timeline and I’m sharing my 5 top moments to include!

Emotional Wedding Moments to Capture & Plan for

Graphic for Basic Invites wedding invitations.

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Photographing details like the invitation suite, rings, heirlooms, and florals is actually one of my favorite things. I think that the details give you a little peek into the bride and groom’s personality and capture the essence of the wedding day that is ahead! So why not choose a wedding invitation that you can customize to make it feel unique to YOU?!

Basic Invite | The Best Wedding Invitations

Using CloudSpot to send out galleries.

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An in-depth explanation of the features in the gallery that I send out to my clients. I walk you through how to save photos on your phone, print, share, and many other features of your gallery! I use CloudSpot to host my galleries and can’t rave enough about their service!!!!

Gallery Features | CloudSpot

Picture frame on counter.

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Have you ever noticed that when you print at places like CVS, Walmart, or Target the photo doesn’t look the same as it does on your phone or computer? Yeah… that’s because the printer isn’t calibrated like a professional printer. I’ll walk you through why that is happening + explaining NEW features on all AE galleries 🙂

Printing Your Photos 101


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I’ve created 20 different date ideas- 10 that are social distance dates, and 10 for those who are quarantined together. Some of you are quarantined with your partner, and some are living apart. Either way, each situation brings on different stressors and obstacles to overcome. It’s important during a time like this you to nurture your relationship. You don’t have to stop going on dates!!!

How to Date During Quarantine

bride and groom summer wedding Charlottesville, VA

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I’ve been brainstorming with my couples about different options that can provide you both an elopement and a big celebration like you have planned for. I thought I would share my ideas with YOU! These ideas can even be combined all together!

Is Your Wedding Affected By Covid-19?

Flowy dress for outdoor photoshoot.

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Any of you ladies stressing out about what to wear for a photoshoot? I’ve been there too. I figured I would make all our lives easier and compile a list of the best boutiques/stores for when you’re looking for a flowy dress or an outfit for a photoshoot…

What To Wear For A Photoshoot

Graphic for wedding planning tips.

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Today I am featuring Jordan from Boundless Love Events on my blog!!!! Jordan is sharing the first steps for planning a wedding. Don’t just head-first into wedding planning without a strategy. Doing these steps FIRST will save yourself from extra stress and headaches.

First Steps for Planning a Wedding

Graphic for rain on wedding day.

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Yes, yes I know. You don’t want rain. It complicates things, makes pictures harder, you have to use your backup plans. It’s not ideal. The GOOD NEWS is that I have a rainy wedding day tip for you!!!

Rain on Wedding Day Tips | Rainy Wedding Day