Senior Session with a Dog

You ready to get to know Dara and Clark?

Dara is the greatest dog mom ever. This is a saying among MANY that know her. She walks Clark EVERYWHERE, takes him to the dog park (sometimes even days in a row), goes hiking with him, and showers him with love (he’s spoiled in the best way possible). Dara is passionate about marketing and is truly amazing at what she does. Since I’ve known Dara, she has inspired me in SO many ways. We both work in the same department in college and ever since we have started working together she has been one of my best friends inside and outside of the office.

During our session, I promised I would keep myself together. This graduation session is so BITTERSWEET because I am incredibly excited to see Dara chase her dreams but tearful for my best friend to be moving away! There is no doubt in my mind that Dara will accomplish so many things in life.

A senior session with a dog never fails to be a ton of fun. Clark is the most energetic dog and has the cutest SMILE. When you scroll through this blog post, you will see what I am talking about!!


Dara… you are a freaking model!

There’s that smile again… SO CUTE.


This image brings the biggest smile to my face!

One of my favorites… ahhh!

Thankful for you Dara!

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