Wedding Sparkler Exit Do’s and Don’ts

Here’s the tea. Full disclaimer, I am not the biggest fan of sparkler exits. I LOVE the end result and result, however, I’ve seen sparkler exits go wrong too many times when done with ALL the guests. I suggest doing a sparkler earlier in the night with just the wedding party if you just want the pretty pictures. This way we can take multiple shots!!!

If you’re dead set on doing it at the end… here are my sparkler exit tips. If you are going to do a sparkler exit, just think it out and make sure to have someone SOBER in charge (preferably a wedding planner that you have hired). 

Do make sure you leave enough space in the aisle for the bride and groom to walk through. At LEAST, 7 feet. Seriously. You need room for the bride and groom to walk through, AND a foot on each side of them so they don’t get burned! 

Don’t give more than two per guest. I have seen guests try to hold more than that and it just turns into fire… 

Do have buckets with water nearby where guests can dispose of the sparklers.  

Bride and groom, this is for you. Don’t walk down the aisle super super fast! Give the photographer time to take several pictures and make sure to kiss at the end 😉 

wedding sparkler exit

Do make sure you have enough matches to go around. I recommend four (one for each end of the line).

Don’t give sparklers to those who have had one too many drinks… Many of my photographer friends (including myself) have been burned. 

I thought I could end this post on a funny note. Wedding guests, do make sure to NOT drop your sparkler. Thankfully, the bride’s dress was okay and now I look back and can laugh about this but oh my… this could have been a disaster.

wedding sparkler exit disaster

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