My #1 Wedding Ceremony Tip

After MONTHS and MONTHS of planning, it would be a shame if your guests couldn’t enjoy your ceremony. Right? Especially because some have traveled from far away. I am going to share with you my number one tip to ensure your guests can enjoy your ceremony. In the last year, I have attended a couple of weddings as a guest and photographed over a dozen weddings (as you know, if you have been following my blog and Instagram). That being said, I have taken note of what makes a wedding ceremony flow smoothly without distractions. 

In this day and age, everyone likes to post instantly on social media. This means, during a wedding ceremony many guests bring out their phones or cameras to capture the moment to share online. I get it. It’s a special moment, who wouldn’t want a photo of the ceremony? However, this is why the bride and grooms invested in a wedding photographer. 

As a guest, I have found it SO distracting to when those in front of me are holding their phones taking pictures. It not only takes my attention away from the bride and groom but disrupts the moment. 

Here is how to prevent this at your wedding ceremony.

Here is my wedding ceremony tip… Have a sign that says your wedding is unplugged (aka no camera or phones allowed). You can find these on Etsy, sometimes wedding planners even have some. BUT, I also HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to have your officiant make an announcement before the precessional beings. Even a simple announcement like, “Before the ceremony begins, the bride and groom ask that everyone please turn off and put away cellphones and cameras.” 

By having the officiant make an announcement, it is a reminder for your guests and will hopefully make sure that everyone is present in the moment. 

I hope this wedding ceremony tip is helpful!

Stone Towery Winery Ceremony

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