Booking a Wedding Photographer

Booking a wedding vendor can be overwhelming. Many don’t know what questions to even ask! This is why I have created a post for you brides-to-be! Here are 5 questions that you should ask a wedding photographer before booking them. These questions will help you pick the right wedding photographer!

1. Do you have the option for a second shooter?

    This is SO important. Making sure to pick a wedding package with a second shooter should not be overlooked. Why? Because sadly we cannot be at two places at once. Even if it means making sure the package includes a second photographer for just three hours, I promise you will be happy to choose this option. Wedding days go by INCREDIBLY fast and it will be over before you know it. Having TWO photographers there to capture those quick moments will ensure that those memories will be remembered forever, especially during the ceremony.

2. How quickly will I receive my wedding gallery?

    Believe it or not, some photographers take MONTHS to send your wedding gallery. This may not be an important factor for you, but it is always a good detail to find out. I understand that my clients are anxious to get back their photos which is why I make it a priority to send my brides their full gallery within 4 weeks after the wedding day. 

3. What are my rights concerning wedding photos?

    Am I able to post any of the photos on social media? Will I have access to print photos from my entire wedding gallery? Can I download all the photos? These are some great questions because different photographers handle their client image rights differently! Some only allow images to be posted online with a watermark, others give clients full access to the images, some do not give any rights to their clients. Reading a photographer’s contract and asking them similar questions is important so that you know how you can use your gallery images.

4. Do you offer engagement sessions?

    I am a strong advocate for engagement sessions which is why I offer complimentary engagement sessions with all of my wedding packages. Why? Because how often do you get professional photos taken with your significant other? Probably pretty rarely. I want you to be able to document this short period in your life! You will be married forever, but in comparison only engaged for a short and sweet amount of time. However, this is not the only reason engagement sessions are great to do. 

    During an engagement session, you will get a feeling for your photographer and the poses that you will be going through. This is SO vital. Engagement sessions are one of my favorite moments with my couples because I get to become FRIENDS with them. This takes the stress off of you on your wedding day by allowing the portrait time to flow smoothly. If you go into your wedding day without an engagement session, then the poses may feel unnatural and awkward because you haven’t had a chance to go through them.

5. Can we meet up or Skype?

    This may seem awkward and strange to ask, but knowing if you can connect with your photographer on a personal level makes the experience a HUNDRED times more enjoyable. I don’t know about you, but I get so awkward in front of the camera and I never seem to know what to do with my hands! Getting your photo taken can feel intimate and sometimes be a little nerve-wracking. Speaking face-to-face (virtually or literally) with a photographer before booking will let you know if you will be able to feel comfortable with him or her. Your wedding day is HUGE, you don’t want your photographer to feel like a stranger!


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