Do I Need A Second Photographer?

Picking a wedding photographer can be tough. When looking at different packages, there will be some questions you may have. Do I need a second photographer at my wedding? Is it worth paying extra money for a second photographer?

This blog post will answer your questions regarding if having a second photographer included in your photography package NECESSARY. 

I am going to walk you through one of my weddings where having a second photographer made a MAJOR difference in the images that I delivered to my clients. 

First of all, the ceremony. I WISH I could be at two places at once. Unfortunately, not humanly possible. There are many parts of a ceremony that happen so quickly, it is impossible for ONE photographer to capture it all. For instance, getting the bride walking down the aisle AND the groom’s reaction. A second photographer allows you to get images of almost every angle (from the front of the ceremony and the back).


Another instance during the ceremony in which having a second photographer is wonderful is during vows. During a ceremony, I don’t want to be running around like a madwoman disturbing the guests. I really try to minimize how much I move around so that the guests, wedding party, and couple don’t even notice me. I generally have my second photographer stationed somewhere, and I am opposite of him/her allowing us both to get different perspectives. 

Is this memory important to you? If so, you should consider a second photographer.

The last part of the ceremony, the recessional, a lot is happening too. The bride and groom exit, followed by the wedding party and then normally family. If you don’t have a second photographer, you have to decide between photographing the bride and groom celebrating their first moments as HUSBAND and WIFE, and between photographing the wedding party and family walk down the aisle. Here, my second photographer photographed the rest of the recessional while I photographed some of the first moments of my client’s marriage.

The ceremony isn’t the only time that having a second photographer makes a difference in the images that you will get in your wedding gallery. If you are having a cocktail hour and want pictures of your guests, you NEED a second photographer. During cocktail hour, the bride and groom normally have portraits done, family portraits are done, and sometimes also wedding party pictures. This can take up the whole cocktail hour. If you want pictures of your guests who traveled to be a part of your day, you need a second photographer who can be at cocktail hour. The pictures below were taken at the SAME time. My second photographer was at cocktail hour, and I was finishing up the newlywed portraits.

If you are also looking for more IMAGES in your gallery, a second photographer is key. When my clients pick a wedding package with a second photographer, I deliver on average 200 MORE images. A second photographer captures many different angles! 

You want pictures of your wedding party for a reason. Right? Each individual is important to you. I wish I could spend an hour photographing these important individuals but let’s be real, there isn’t time for that! Having a second photographer allows you to get almost double the number of photos taken of the wedding party. If you have a big wedding party, as a photographer it is hard to get all the shots (far away, closeups, etc). Well, having a second photographer solves that problem. The picture of this wedding party was taken at the same time! Thank you, second photographer!!!! 

Another time where having a second photographer allows you to get almost double the pictures… portrait time!!! Second photographer can get different angles and details! 

Alright, I’ll sum it all up. 

Do you need to have a second photographer at your wedding?

YES, if you want… 

  • all the quick and important memories captured that happen during your ceremony… 
  • pictures of guests at your cocktail hour AND family portraits, wedding party photos, and newlywed pictures during cocktail hour
  • increase the number of images in your gallery


You can view this wedding on the blog HERE.

P.S. My second photographer for this wedding was Carissa Divant!!! Here’s a little shoutout to her!


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