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Let me help you friend!!! I also once had NO idea what SEO was or where to even begin on starting a Pinterest marketing strategy. I was confused about how Pinterest could bring me clients and assist my business. I’m sharing what made me go from 500 impressions a month on Pinterest to 200k impressions a month… and believe or not it helped my SEO tremendously (I’m now showing up on the FIRST page on Google which helps clients find me organically!).

First off, you might be wondering what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Here’s the gist… SEO is what makes people see your website when they Google something. The words they are searching for are called keywords.

Example: If I were to Google “Ravens Roost Engagement Photos”, Ravens Roost Engagement Photos would be the keywords and any website that has those words will show up.

The website on the first page and on the top rank higher which is determined by SEO. Google chooses those websites to be first because Google only wants to show viewers relevant information, which is why keywording is so important.


Alright. Sit tight. And get ready to take notes.


There are several important factors that play into SEO, keywords are what I will touch on today.

When I write my blog posts, I keep keywords in mind (I used to just write to write and never saw great improvement in getting traffic to my site). So where to begin with choosing keywords?! I’ll show you two FREE websites that work great. I’ll also walk you through an example using a blog post that immediately ranked on the first page on Google AND had over 10,000 impressions on Pinterest within 12 hours.

Finding Keywords

The first website you know of, PINTEREST!!!

When you search something on Pinterest, have you ever noticed the other options that come down. Think of these as KEYWORDS. This is what viewers are looking up!

Example of searching words on Pinterest to demonstrate Pinterest marketing strategies.

Here the keywords I used for the Ravens Roost blog post:

  • Ravens Roost
  • Ravens roost engagement photos
  • Mountain engagement photos
  • Blue Ridge Parkway engagement photos
  • Mountainous wedding venue (a viewer who would be looking for a wedding venue with mountains, would probably enjoy this blog post and could lead them to inquire with me when they see our shared love for mountains!)

Now… NOT ALL KEYWORDS are “good”. Some are better than others…

Let me introduce you to the second website that helps me narrow down my keywords… Google Trends! Google Tends helps convert your marketing into clients and actual engagement with your content.

On Google Trends you can compare two terms (which are keywords) to see which one is more popular. As you can see, Ravens Roost is a more popular keyword than Ravens Roost Overlook which lead me primarily using saying “Ravens Roost”. This is so helpful because often times it’s hard to think EXACTLY like someone who’d be searching on Google. This site will help you compare terms to see what’s better.

Screenshot of Google Trends that shows how to use it for Pinterest marketing.


Workflow For Pinning Sessions/Weddings

I’m going to share with you my Pinterest workflow so you can get a better idea of how to start your Pinterest marketing strategy.

  1. Find keywords using Pinterest and Google Trends
  2. Write a blog post (I make sure to incorporate the most important keyword in the blog title and several times through the body text)
  3. Meta Description- Never let Google decide this, write your own! Make sure to use the main keyword! For WordPress, you can write out the meta-description on the bottom with the free Yoast plugin.
  4. Publish blog post.
  5. Using Google Chrome Pinterest extension any images IN the blog post to Pinterest…. Because the title of the blog and the meta-description incorporates your keyword list which you grabbed from Pinterest and Google, you’re all set! The magic will start to happen because you know people will be searching for your terms! In this picture below you can see how Pinterest pulled in my blog title and meta descriptions.Picture showing Pinterest analytics.
  6. After a week, I check my analytics to see which images did best and I add them to Tailwind (I’ll explain that in a different blog post)


When your pins start to get tons of engagement and driving traffic to your website, this helps your SEO! Google will see your blog post as relevant information.

Take this information and apply to our blog posts but ALSO your website!!! You might need to redo parts and make sure to keep SEO in mind.


Come say hi on Instagram and let me know if this was a helpful strategy for Pinterest marketing! Feel free to reach out with questions and let me know if a YouTube video would be more helpful!

Graphic of pinterest marketing.

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