Is Your Wedding Affected By Covid-19?

First off, this is all so surreal. I still cannot believe the pandemic that we are going through. It is scary to see not only how many people are being affected but also, it’s scary not knowing what the future may look like. If you’re someone like me who likes to plan everything, this is difficult. My heart is breaking right now for all of the brides and grooms whose weddings are being affected by COVID-19. You spend months upon months planning for your wedding day, I can only imagine the disappointment and sadness some couples are experiencing.  

Depending on where you are in the world, the guidelines set by the government are different for what you can and cannot do. Right now (March 27th, 2020) in Virginia, it is still okay to gather in groups UNDER 10. This means that it is possible to elope! I’ve been brainstorming with my couples about different options that can provide you both an elopement and a big celebration like you have planned for. 

I thought I would share my ideas with YOU! These ideas can even be combined all together!

  1. You can elope now and then reschedule your vendors for a 1 year vow renewal with your guests in 2021! Not only will you get married, but also still share a special moment with your guests at a safer time. 
  2. You can elope now and then on a safer date, plan a big reception (and even another ceremony if you want) where you share your wedding photos and wedding video. This helps your guests see your special day and feel included in both your elopement and now your big celebration/reception. 
  3. If you want to include your guests in your elopement, start a private Facebook Group with and live stream your intimate ceremony! Make sure you have service where you are getting married. 


If you are looking for a photographer to photograph your elopement or need a planner, please reach out! I am offering discounted elopement packages and can connect you with different wedding planners who want to help you.

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