First Steps for Planning a Wedding

This blog post is special because it’s my first one featuring a guest!!. So far I have written all of my educational blog posts about wedding topics… But I wanted to make sure that these blog posts are as helpful as possible and let’s be real… I don’t know ALL of the things. So… Today I am featuring Jordan from Boundless Love Events on my blog!!!! Jordan is sharing the first steps for planning a wedding.

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Jordan is an amazing wedding planner in Virginia (I adore her work and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we get to work together in 2020). Jordan had an “ahh ha” moment while watching Say Yes To The Dress and realized if she could be anything in the world, she would be a wedding planner. She is the QUEEN of organization, logistics, and putting together pretty details.

Jordan is sharing…

5 steps to starting your wedding planning process off right!

YAY! You’re finally engaged! Beginning the wedding planning process can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you aren’t familiar with the wedding industry! I’ve seen so many couples jump head-first into wedding planning without a strategy and it ends up causing more stress and headache than necessary. I don’t want this to be the case for you!! From my experience, your planning process will start off on the right foot if you begin with these 5 steps first….. 

1. Announce Your Engagement to Family + Friends

Engagement is such an exciting and momentous milestone in life! Tell everyone you’re close with about the big news!! Whether you do it in person or via Facetime, take some time to celebrate with those you love most!!

2. Talk Finances!

Talking about money can be uncomfortable but it is 100% necessary. Ask yourself these questions: Who will be paying for the rehearsal dinner? Who will be paying for the ceremony + reception? Who will be paying for the honeymoon? How much are we willing to spend in these categories? After those are answered you should have a budget and general game plan set in stone! 

3. Discuss a General Time Frame

You’ll need to decide the season/month you prefer to get married in?? Some things to consider when choosing this: how long do you want to be engaged? Will you be getting married in a popular wedding month (aka. May, June, September, and October)? Does your dream vendors book up really far in advance? All of these are something to consider when setting your date! 

4. Determine Your Top 3 Priorities

The first question I ask all of my clients is “when you imagine of your wedding day, what 3 elements are most important to you?” By answering this question, you can begin to allocate your budget to best accommodate for what matters most to you. Every couple, wedding, and budget is different so feel free to allocate money to what is most important to you instead of what is generally accepted!

5. Begin Choosing Your Dream Vendor Team!

Hiring a seasoned team of professionals will give you the peace of mind that your wedding day will be absolutely perfect! Odds are, you don’t know how to connect with these dream vendors. **Insert a wedding planner here** Wedding planners are able to connect you with photographers, videographers, venues, caterers, florists, bakers, calligraphers, officiants, DJs, and rental companies that will best fit your budget and vision! They’ve worked with tons of people and can point you to the absolute best! Did you know that it takes 528 hours on average to plan a wedding?! If you’re working 40+ hours per week, you might not have time to handle all of the details + logistics while you’re preparing a life with your fiancee! 

You can find Jordan on Instagram and Facebook. On her website, she even shares tips and tricks for brides on her blog. 



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