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Before you scroll through Andrew and Jordan’s engagement session at Market at Grelen… Let me give you some context. It was mid-day, 90+ degrees, and Andrew was wearing his SUIT the entire time. When I say my AE Brides and Grooms are the BEST, I mean it. I’m just amazed. I was sweating so much my mascara was starting to run and these two looked like they stepped out of a magazine.

Before engagement sessions, I send my couples a little style guide for suggestions and help with putting together outfits. I don’t know about you but I always struggle with what to wear so this guide helps lessen some of that stress. You’d be surprised how much of a difference your outfit can make when it comes to photos! Andrew and Jordan followed the guide to a T!!! I LOVE IT!!

Okay now let’s get ready to scroll through some dreamy photos. I am so glad we ended up Market at Grelen. There is ENDLESS variety all around the venue. This location reminded me of how grateful I am to live where I do, there are so many Charlottesville engagement photo locations!

Two whole hours flew by and we didn’t even hit all of the locations!!! Some of my favorite photos are by the row of pretty blooms. I tried to stay near pinkish flowers so that the photos match Andrew and Jordan’s wedding colors (little tip: incorporate your wedding colors into your outfit so they match your wedding photos)!


Andrew and Jordan, thank you so much for making the drive to Charlottesville and for dealing with the heat!! I can’t wait for next July at Alturira Farm!

Engagement photos taken of a couple at The Market at Grelen in summer.

Black and white engagement photos taken of a couple at The Market at Grelen in summer.

Couple posing for engagement photos in Charlottesville, VA near garden.


Couple laughing during engagement photos in Charlottesville, VA near garden.

Classic black and white portraits are a must!

Smiling photo of couple in Market at Grelen wedding venue.

Photo of a couple that overlooks Market at Grelen and blue ridge mountains.

Photo of a ring on blooms, Photo of couple posing for engagement pictures at Market at Grelen.

Couple walking in vineyard during engagement session.

Couple posing for engagement photo sitting down in the gardens of Market at Grelen.

Collage of three photos of couple at Market at Grelen.

Couple smiling at camera for Charlottesville, VA engagement photos.



A couple posed for engagement photos at The Market at Grelen wedding venue.

These were the last two photos taken and I love them!  The one on the right I told Jordan to give me her best serious “vogue model” face and she couldn’t stop laughing hahaha

Couple laughing and hugging.

Couple kissing in field of tulips.

Couple laugh in field at Market at Grelen.

Talk about some pretty BLING!!!!!

Ring sitting on top of pink flower.

Girl leading boy in tulip field. Field located in Market at Grelen.

Boy and girl smiling at each other. Photo taken in a peach orchard.

Girl leaning in for a kiss. Portrait at Market at Grelen.

Couple kissing in field.

Bride and groom dancing in vineyard for portrait at Market at Grelen.

Black and white photo of couple looking at each other.

Collage of photos. Pictures of Market at Grelen including love sign, flowers, and vines.

A huge thank you to The Market at Grelen for letting us walk all over the wedding venue!!! If you’re close to Charlottesville, it’s only a easy 30-minute drive. Next time I need to take a look in their garden shop (tons of cute decor)!

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