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Over the year, I have had a handful of clients who have included their dog in their engagement or senior session. I love this! Who wouldn’t want to photograph a furry friend? If you are wanting to include your dog in a photoshoot, need dog photoshoot ideas, or maybe you just LOVE dogs. This blog post is for you!

Let me start off with 3 tips for including a dog in a photoshoot. I am no dog photographer, but I’ve taken notes during sessions about what worked and what didn’t work. 

  1. Bring a close friend to watch your dog, so that the photographer can get a mix of pictures with and without the dog (this probably feels like an obvious)! This way you also don’t have to stress about your beloved fur-ball walking off. Make sure you bring a friend that you feel COMFORTABLE with. I get so AWKWARD in front of the camera. If it were me, I’d make sure to bring a friend who I am not shy around incase I get camera shy.
  2. If your dog is a bundle of energy, take him/her for a longer walk in the morning, the dog park, or maybe a playdate. This way during the photoshoot he/she will be a little less energetic and willing to sit and smile for the camera. Treats may also help with this.
  3. This may be disappointing to you. Don’t get your hopes up too high. Sometimes dogs are super corporative and great at sitting while a photographer clicks away, other times they just want to be dogs and play and sniff and do dog things! Let your dog be a dog and the photographer will do their best to take as many pictures as possible with your baby. 


You ready for pictures of dogs at engagement sessions and pictures of dogs at senior sessions? 


Here are 5 dog poses ideas for a photoshoot. I hope you enjoy the names I made up…

1. Squat. This one works best because your dog will stay still! Take squatting into consideration when picking out an outfit.

2. Just your furry baby. Everyone needs some solo pictures of their dog!

3. Holding. Depending on the size of your pup this may not be doable. 

4. Walking shot. You can walk away and towards the camera. This can make for some fun candids! 

5. Focusing on the dog but the humans get to be kind of included. Cute and creative!

BONUS: If your dog is super good at sitting. Have him/her sitting down and look at their cute face (or at the camera). 

Hopefully, you’ve now had your dose of dog pictures for the day and are prepared for including your dog in a photoshoot! 


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