Engagement Session Prep

First and foremost, enjoy this short and sweet time in your life. You will be married forever but only engaged for a short amount of time in comparison! That being said, I want to help you maximize your engagement session so that you flawlessly document this special moment in your relationship. I also understand the struggle of not knowing what to wear. This blog post will help you not only prep for your engagement session but also give you engagement session outfit ideas. 


I recommend to my clients to bring at least TWO outfits. Start off with a more casual outfit… Something similar to a typical date-night outfit. This is great to start with while you’re getting comfortable in front of the camera. Next, change into a dressier outfit. Your man can wear a suit or just a collared shirt and the soon-to-be-bride could wear a fancy dress. Cocktail dresses are always a great choice! Having two outfits will give your gallery variety so you have plenty of images to choose from. Just remember, no matter what you wear, make sure you feel CONFIDENT! You will want to look back at the images loving the way you look.

Hopefully, this helps you with engagement session outfit ideas.

Engagement session outfit options.

Professional Makeup

Yes! Let me tell you… professional makeup makes a difference. I’ve had many clients do this and they are always grateful to spend that little extra money. Even going to a local MAC or Sephora is great! Fake eyelashes especially are a MUST, I can’t emphasize this enough. They help your eyes POP behind the camera. If you’re worried about fake eyelashes looking too fake or unnatural, there are always options that are more subtle!

Extra Shoes

Ladies, heels look BOMB in photos but aren’t always practical when walking from location to location. Bring a pair of flats to quickly change into when walking in the grass or to a different location. Trust me. My clients are always grateful when they bring a pair of shoes to quickly switch into when walking around.


Pamper yourself before your engagement session and get your nails done. Your bling is going to be the CENTER of attention. You’ll regret not getting your nails done.

Clean Your Ring

This is a step that may be easily overlooked… But like I’ve said, your bling is going to be the center of attention during some shots. Give it a quick clean before your session so that your ring is a little extra shiny! Photographers love taking detail shots of rings.


Do not let the worry of picking out an outfit and having your makeup perfectly done ruin the experience. The MOST valuable part of your engagement session is to have fun! YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED! Let loose, be silly, and enjoy being with your significant other in front of the camera. As I said, this time in your life is so short. Having an engagement session should not add extra stress. 

I hope this will help you make the most out of your engagement session! Planning a wedding can be hectic and there is SO much to think about. I want to help minimize the craziness and provide you with information to make this time in your life less stressful. All of my brides will receive a more detailed style guide that contains information on coordinating looks, making a statement, and a checklist. 


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