Rain on Wedding Day Tips | Rainy Wedding Day

Yes, yes I know. You don’t want rain. It complicates things, makes pictures harder, you have to use backup plans. It’s not ideal. The GOOD NEWS is that I have a rainy wedding day tip for you!!! I have clear umbrellas from Target that LIVE in the trunk of my car. They seriously never leave my car.

These umbrellas are GREAT for pictures. I haven’t had to use them often, but when I do I am thankful that they don’t ruin the aesthetic of the photo. If you are anticipating rain, I 100% recommend these clear umbrellas for rainy wedding day photos.

I have some linked two recommendations for you:

Target (these are what I have)


If your wedding isn’t for awhile, maybe bookmark this blog post or add the umbrellas to your cart to save as precaution for your wedding.

I know rain isn’t ideal, I sympathize with you. Hopefully, these clear umbrellas will ease your anxiety and concern. I wish you the best of luck and a happy wedding day!


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