Explaining The Benefits of a Faux Sparkler Exit | Controlled Exit

Let me tell you a little secret… If you’ve found a photographer that you love and trust, but are struggling with thinking about coverage time and what works with your budget then a controlled exit might be perfect for you!

What’s a controlled exit!?

It’s where you and your bridal party (and maybe a few family members) sneak out during the reception and take photos with sparklers.

3 reasons why  controlled exits are great:

  1. You haven’t danced all night! This is a major win because not only will your hair and makeup still be intact for photos!
  2. More sparkler photos! Controlled exits give you more flexibility because there are fewer people! You can have multiple takes of walking, running, spinning, and kissing under the sparklers.
  3. Prioritize your coverage time! Your photographer will capture plenty of dancing photos during  30-60 minutes of capturing the dance floor. Candid reception photos are great to have and after 30 minutes, you will have a photo of everyone who has danced. I recommend having more coverage during the beginning portion of the day for a more relaxed portraits experience. It’s the best way to make the most out of 8 or 9 hours of coverage while still getting those magical sparkler photos!

Tip: I suggest sneaking out only your bridal party and maybe a few family members if you have a smaller bridal party. A group of up 20 is perfect. This way the celebration doesn’t stop. If you invite everyone, some guests get confused and think it’s the real exit and leave your wedding early. Plus, a major bonus of a controlled exit is more photos with half the hassle. If you invite everyone, you run into the same problem that grand exits tent to have- it’s hard to manage 100+ guests and lighting everyone’s sparklers.

Can I still do a controlled exit if I don’t have sparklers? Of course! Controlled exits work for anything you choose- you don’t have to have sparklers for epic photos!

Here’s a photo from Hunter and Nicole’s controlled exit at Keswick Vineyards!!

Sparkler exit at Keswick Vineyards, a Charlottesville wedding venue.

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